Don't Leave Your Pets In Vehicles

In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget things. Your wallet on the kitchen table. Your lunch left in the fridge. Your sweater at the movie theater.

However, each year, pets are left in cars - or worse, owners who say they're just going in for a “minute” will leave their dogs alone in hot cars, leading to overheating and then even death.

The Effects of High Temps on Pets Can Be Drastic!

Cars amplify the heat.  Think about getting into your car on a hot day and then touching the leather seating or steering wheel. It is painful to the touch!

On a 75-degree day, the inside of your car can get to 110 degrees in just a few moments.

Now imagine the temp is 80 or 90 degrees.

Humans can sweat as a means of regulating body temp, but dogs pant. They also may become very anxious. Imagine you are locked inside a 100-degree room with your winter coat on and there is no way of getting out.

It would make you worry, too.

And don’t rely on opening a window

Some owners believe that by opening a window everything will be fine.

 This does not make enough of a difference to keep your pet safe. Cracking the windows open 1.5 inches did not slow down the heating process as determined by a Stanford University study.

Do not rely on simply opening a window to make it okay to leave a pet in a hot car.

So What Are The Effects of Leaving Your Dog Inside A Vehicle During Warmer Weather?

Heatstroke is the most prominent effect of leaving your dog in a hot car. It can take only about 15 minutes for this to happen. Older and younger dogs as well as those with compromised health are more likely to be victims of heatstroke than dogs who are in good health.

Discomfort and being restless are the first two signs. Panting is another big one. The dog may have difficulty breathing, and may cry, or bark at passersby in hopes they help him out. He will eventually become confused or disoriented.

Once this happens, he must be taken to a vet immediately. Sadly, once lethargy sets in, he may never recover.

The Takeaway: It is best to leave your pooch at home on very hot days, or just make a second trip out after you have safely dropped off your pet at home.