Pet Set Go

Just like humans, good hygiene habits are going to equal a higher quality of health for your furry little family members. That’s why regular grooming is so important!

Going beyond just scrubbing your pet in a bubble bath every couple of months or brushing their fur with each change of season is usually important. Responsible pet owners understand that they are on the hook for quality hygiene habits for their animals, and that they are the ones that have to make sure that regular grooming is a big part of their lives.

Brushing Time

Brushing your pet out is maybe the most important part of grooming, particularly for dogs with longer hair that need to be brushed out at least a couple of times each week. Not only does this help to control “pet smells” – usually built up bacteria and oil that live on a pet’s coat – but it also helps their skin breathe more, keeps them clean, and definitely makes them happier.

Bubble Time 

Bathtime should be scheduled once every two months. It’s important that you stick to a schedule like this and not try and scrub your pet any more frequently than that. There are essential oils that should be maintained in a pet’s coat that frequent baths can wash away, but once every two or three months will make sure that you hit the sweet spot between too often and not frequent enough.

Manicure Time

Nails should be maintained on a semi weekly basis, clipping them and keeping them trim at least twice a month. It’s really easy for pet nails to grow out of control, not only causing them a lot of discomfort but also putting them in some pretty risky situations as these nails get brittle, can break, and can cause a lot of pain or infection.

Full Spa Treatment

You’ll also want to make sure you visit a professional groomer every couple of months to give your furry little family members a more thorough grooming. Professional groomers are going to help clean your pet’s ears, scrub their feet, trim their fur, and generally make sure that they aren’t just looking great but are happy and healthy as well!

If you see anything during grooming that is questionable, be sure to call the clinic.  We’ll help answer your questions the best we can over the phone or suggest an appointment if appropriate.